Welcome to Ego Soap Company!  When we started Ego Soap Company, we had one goal in mind, craft high-quality men’s grooming supplies void of harmful chemicals, made from the highest quality organic and natural ingredients. Ego Soap Company’s collection of high-performance and premium blend products deliver on our promises and are unlike anything currently on the market. Our brand represents a new direction in men’s grooming products. We handcraft all products with only the best in natural and organic oils and don’t skimp on the expensive oils that provide the most benefits. Our products are for the guys that take pride in their health and beauty. 

When developing our product line, we didn’t want to compromise on any detail. We leveraged skin care technology and natural actives to deliver high-performance, treatment-based products—all while never forgetting that healthy skin and body is the underpinning for an EGO. Each product has been tested at length to ensure that it delivers results, leaving us with a best-in-class collection that truly meets the needs of our customers.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…in our case, feel free (stroke our Ego). For us, packaging is an immediate sign of what our customers can expect from our brand: something handcrafted, unique, sophisticated and masculine. Ego Soap Company’s packaging was designed to make the experience of using our products as awesome as the formulas themselves. Every detail was carefully crafted, from the soap bags with hand-stamped leather hang tags (which can be used as a key chain) to our award-winning screen-printed tins and bottles. Ego Soap Company products are truly a modern-day bathroom accessory. 


Ego Soap Company handcrafts every bar of soap using the cold process method, which is the most natural process and has been used for hundreds of years.  What makes our soap unique is our proprietary blend of premium quality organic and natural plant oils, fragrances and essential oils mixed with water and lye, which creates saponification.  Our soaps are “Super Fattened,” leaving unprocessed oils in the soap, which add powerful natural moisturizing benefits and nourishment.  We use natural clays, exfoliates, and pigments to add color and texture to our soap. This process creates a hard, moisturizing, cleansing bar of soap with a rich and creamy lather, specifically designed for men.  Our custom handcrafted molds were designed to create the perfect 6 ounce bar of soap. Each bar is crafted, cut, stamped, and packaged one at a time, ensuring you are receiving a true fresh artisan bar of soap.  Our powerful scents were created to provide purpose and an experience, to improve performance and increase self-confidence allowing you to foster your masculinity and Embrace Your Ego!

Why use Ego Soap?  Well simply put, your skin is the biggest organ you have.  Commercial soap companies use inferior base oils and use chemicals to enhance their moisturizing and foaming effects.  They also remove the natural glycerin and sell it as a byproduct, selling you soap that contains harsh chemicals and virtually no nourishment to your body. This all adds up to a chemical concoction that is not healthy for you or your skin!  Don’t believe us, just read the ingredients on any commercially made bar of soap.

Ego Soap uses the following ingredients in their soap:  Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, and fragrance or essential oils.  We’ve found that our blend of oils provides a great combination of vitamins and nutrients, keeping your skin soft, clean, healthy, and nourished.  We also add sodium lactate to our soaps, which is a natural humectant and moisturizer.  Our soap contains lye and water, both of which are removed during saponification.  Each bar has the same blend of premium base oils; however, our natural clays, pigments, fragrances, and essential vary depending on which soap you order.  You can view the ingredients of each bar in the store under soap details and ingredients.

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