Beard Oil Discover Set

Having trouble finding ‘the one’? Now, you can take our entire premium collection home.

Our Beard Oil Sampler makes for the perfect gift. Packaged in a reclaimed wood cigar box, perfect for that masculine man in your life! 

Our Beard Oil: Our premium and handcrafted blend of 16 different meticulously selected cold processed and organic oils make for a premium beard oil, unmatched by any competitor! Our blend of oils is packed full vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fatty acids, which condition, moisturize and nourish your hair and skin, promoting growth, and relieving itch and irritation.
We know you have options when purchasing beard oil, that is why we created this premium blend with superior packaging that you will not find anywhere else! Our beard oil is great for your hair and skin, smells awesome, and will leave your beard looking fresh and well taken care of!  

Our Beard Oil is also an amazing shave oil. It eliminates razor burn and rash, is good for sensitive skin, heals skin, moisturizes but doesn't clog pores, and reverses/prevents signs of aging. Best when applied before shaving cream. 

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