Safety Razor-Luxury Black Adjustable

This safety razor offers a personalized shaving experience. It easily adjusts the blade height in six settings to offer a perfect angle and blade exposure for your beard hair and skin. Along with a titanium coated stainless steel double edge blade, this razor delivers a clean, close shave.

Dimensions: 2.00x1.00x4.25 in
Weight: 3.20 oz
  • German Design Adjustable Handle to set blade exposure levels from 1 to 6. Matte chrome plated over zinc.
  • Closed comb, double-edged razor, the snap top helps maintain blade setting preference during blade change.
  • Matte black coating.
  • Razor total dimensions are 2'' L x 1'' W x4.25'' H. Razor weights 3.2 oz/85g.
  • 5 pcs Titanium coated blades included


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